Rice Paper Production

Paper town Zeya

  Bamboo Paper
1-ply, unsized
33 g/m2
$ 2.20


Zeya, a solitary mountain town situated in the west of Zhejiang, has continued its papermaking unchanged for centuries. The first paper mill in Zeya was built in the 13th century by the migrants who moved into this remote countryside from neighboring Fujian to elude the chaos caused by war. Reaching its golden days in the 19th century 80% of its population engaged in papermaking with as many as 10,000 pulping vats and more then twenty varieties of rice paper. In 2001 Zeya was listed national cultural relic.

 Split bamboo is vetted in lime pond for about five months.
Water-powered tilt hammers were built in the 17th century.
Many local women are skilled in vatting.

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