Zhang Menglong Stele, 522 AD
unmounted, ink rubbing on rice paper, 28 x 57 in.
$ 230.00

As the governor of Shandong, he determined for a courteous, contented society, which lingered in his mind as dear as paternal affection, and to which he was as sensitive as to the enduring pain of a cut. Schoolrooms were built; farming and raising silkworm were encouraged; silk weaving technology was popularized. When season changes, bushes and trees respond; when fountainhead becomes deeper, birds and fishes feel at ease. Then the lectures of schoolmasters and the verses of The Book of Songs were heard once again in the neighborhood. He achieved remarkable success in a few years, to which the mayors of both West and East Capital may pale; he transformed social traditions, to which the nobilities may pale. "To be a civil official is to be an amiable gentleman," as The Book of Songs goes. Understanding that time passes fast, and that wind changes directions, we are honored to erect this monument to commemorate his merits.

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