Returning home
Su Shi (1037 - 1101)
scroll, 28 x 69 in. ink rubbing on rice paper
$ 450.00

Tao Qian (365 - 427)

Go home! The land must be lying waste. How could I linger any longer? Now that it was myself who acted contrary to my convictions, why went on being lonely and sad? I understood that what's past was past, and that I could still make a fresh start. It was a relief to me that I hadn't fallen too low, and that I was returning to the right path.

My boat rode the wind; my clothing waved in the breeze. I anxiously asked travelers the road ahead, and resented that dawn light came late. Then I saw my home! I ran toward it with joy. The boys awaited me at the gate. I saw the courtyard was neglected, but the pines and mums remained the same. I entered the room where there was a goblet filled with wine. I pour myself a drink. Gazing at the courtyard trees had my heart filled with pleasure. I leant on the south window to savor my pride, wondering how such cramped quarters can be so cosy.

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