Rice Paper

Mulberry paper roll

Mulberry Paper Roll

1-ply, unsized
30 g/m2
translucent, semi-absorbent

27 in. x 34 ft.
$ 124.75

38 in. x 33 ft.
$ 145.15

18 in. x 82 ft.
$ 158.40

Shipping.   Because these are heavy rice paper rolls, the cost of shipping is different. The western state shipping includes CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV, NM, UT and CO. All others are eastern state shipping.

Western states: $ 34.70
Eastern states: $ 41.70

Made from 100% inner bark fiber of mulberry, the absorbency of mulberry paper is between sized and unsized rice paper, and this particular property gives it wide-ranging uses.

In art, mulberry paper is used in both freehand and meticulous style Chinese painting for its clean, fine, and smooth surface. In America, some artists, like Emil Nolde and Jackson Pollock, used mulberry paper for their one-stroke painting too.

In oriental residence, the paper is used in window treatment in China, Korea, and Japan, known as shoji paper to the West, for its translucency, tenacity, and moisture-resistance.

Its many other uses are stencil paper, surfboard, printmaking, paper lantern, kite, Chinese calligraphy, paper umbrella, firecrackers, and so on.

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