Brush Writing
By Cai Yong

Calligraphy ventilates heart. Shake off any restraint in the beginning. If you start in a hurry, a best brush will be of no avail. Therefore, prior to picking up a brush, sit down in a quiet mood, allow thought wander unchecked, keep breathing at ease, and be respectful as if in front of a venerable person.

The brushstrokes must have a likeness, which may be sitting or walking, flying or wriggling, going or coming, lying or rising, sorrow or joy, nibbled leaves, swords or axes, bows or arrows, water or fire, clouds or mists, the sun or the moon. Only those which suggest images can be called calligraphy.

Cai Yong (132 - 192)
Confucian Scriptures, 175 - 184
Ink rubbing on rice paper

Essays on Chinese calligraphy

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