Paper Lantern Varieties

Colorful Eastern lanterns boast various kinds of makes, such as porcelains, bamboos, clay, glasses, etc. Upon the finish, rice paper is applied to the frame. Paper lanterns are hung above doors, decorations for long corridor, floating on water, or placed inside for making atmosphere. They can be novel in design, rich in color, and showing an artistic experience of their own.

Festive lantern

Built from bamboo shims and covered with colored paper, festive lantern is the oldest form of paper lanterns. It is used to celebrate holidays, especially Lantern Festival. In the evening of the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, all kind of lanterns are hung out showing late throughout nightfall. Hanging paper lantern has become favorite game for children over the generations.

Red lantern

Red lantern is popular for celebration occasions, such as the New Year's Day, weddings, or business grand openings. There are some good reasons for people imply the color of red for happiness. Red refers to the literary name of the country in ancient times, and it shares the same pronunciation of good fortune as well.

Name lantern

Covered with white rice paper or gauze bearing the name of its owner, this lantern functioned banner in feudal times, advertising the business of a shop, the authority of a government office, or the address of an influential family.

Paper Lantern

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