Paper-cuts of Yangzhou

Yangzhou people use paper-cut for embroidery template. A full-scaled pattern was transferred onto a sheet of white rice paper and then cut accordingly. The scissor work was dampened and pasted on a satin sheet that had been set up on a slate frame. A needlewoman would knit stitches over the scissor work till the entire pattern was covered with stitches.

Paper-cutting here demonstrates great craftsmanship. So skillful that someone could cut a design with eyes closed. So delicate that even hair-thin curling tendrils of grape are remarkably true to life.

Situated along both sides of the lower reach of the Grand Canal, for many centuries Yangzhou was the country's economic center and the home of the richest businessmen. "I'll go to Yangzhou with dignity once I'm a millionaire," as one poet admired. Affluence and wealth afforded people comfortable house, beautiful garden, delicious food and, above all, finely embroidered articles.

Paper cut

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